A Box That Is Chilled Beyond Belief!

25 Oct 2018

A proven supplier of Temperature Controlled Packing Systems required a solution that was reusable, yet still retained all elements to support regulation of temperature.

Our revolutionary design, which saw the creation of a reusable shipper pack that offered ‘best in class’ temperature control, also minimised waste and was an environmentally friendly solution.

“This was a quite unique brief, yet a challenge that we knew we could rise to, fulfil and exceed expectations,” said Jonathan Lewis Managing Director Boxes and Packaging (Oxford). “We created a pack that saw an outer corrugated sleeve, an integrated insulation panel, a kit tray and a kit lock to ensure the sensitive products were retained at the required temperature.”

This enabled the temperature sensitive products to be easily packed; a moisture absorbent layer lowers moisture and humidity level and a data log facility monitors temperature during the shipping process.

“The pack is proven to be effective for temperature control between +2°C to +8°C and this solution led design has challenged the boundaries of temperature controlled transit packaging, revolutionising the market,” said Jonathan. “It is a shining example of how necessity and innovation can work together to create a truly unique packaging solution.”

The pack is available in 5L, 12L and 24L sizes.

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