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Corrugated Display Fulfils Store Safety Requirements

04 Sep 2018

Safety is of paramount importance in many of the sectors we deal with and one scenario that required our intervention was the re-design of a previous display stand that had collapsed in store. As a consequence, the DIY retailer prohibited it from all their stores so a speedy solution for our customer was essential.

Our new product had its fundamental structural design changed as well as reducing the overall height of the pack to enhance the instore consumer experience.

“Our experience in Point-of-sale displays meant that we were able to offer a complete redesign taking into account all necessary requirements,” said Gary Hargreaves Managing Director Boxes and Packaging (Manchester). “The design incorporated essential elements to showcase the product yet included design innovation to provide the strength required to meet the safety credentials required.”

Divisions were redesigned, the pack was printed in a new colour to improve overall appearance and to fit with corporate branding, spiral wound tubes were added for additional strength and a printed display outer was placed over the assembled divisions to complete the pack.

“Before it was despatched to the end retailer extensive testing was carried out with our customer to ensure the robustness of the pack and that it was entirely fit for purpose,” said Gary. “Pleasingly, we demonstrated its capabilities and our customer and the end retailer accepted the new pack to their shop floor.”

Over £720,000 in revenue for our client has been salvaged as a result of our re-design highlighting our capabilities and that of corrugated cardboard.

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