Power of Display Helps Staff Development

01 Aug 2018

Visually engaging products can promote information to staff in a way that enables them to clearly absorb it.

An existing customer requested that we create a robust floor standing display unit (FSDU) which would display vital information in a production environment.

“KPI information is important in many production facilities and we were able to create a robust solution that could be portable, flexible and environmentally friendly solution,” said David Williams Managing Director Boxes and Packaging (Birmingham). “Our innovative approach ensured that the unit could be a flat-pack unit, constructed when required, and was easily moveable should production line requirements, or location, change.”

The pack exceeded the clients’ original expectations and was robust enough to stand in high traffic areas. To give the customer complete flexibility (due to relatively small order numbers) the design was created to fit on our CAD (Computer Aided Design) table alleviating the need for a die cut tool. Furthermore, the unit can be rotated 360° allowing full access to all information no matter where it is located.

“When information changes on a regular basis it is important to have a product that can be easily recycled, yet still fulfils the entire range of requirements,” said David. “Our customer was delighted with the outcome and the way in which we provided a workable solution, once again displaying the versatility of corrugated material in another application.”

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