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First Stage of Doncaster Investment Programme Completed

13 Feb 2018

Boxes and Packaging (Doncaster) has commenced a period of significant investment in the new year and has seen the first stage of its new equipment installed.

The OMS Pallet Press was installed over a weekend to ensure down time was kept to a minimum and replaced a Sealmac Pallet Press which had been in situ for 20 years.

Stuart Clarke Managing Director Boxes and Packaging (Doncaster) commented; “This was a critical part of the new investment programme which will support the new Dong Fang printer which will be commissioned in the spring. It will support the increase in production capacity and ensure efficiencies are achieved in our new two shift production schedule.”

Boxes and Packaging (Doncaster) process in excess of 1250 pallets of product per week and the new pallet press will strap each pallet as part of the wider materials handling line.

“The OMS Pallet Press will ensure the product is aligned on the pallet and then strap the pallet in a little over 30 seconds ensuring finished goods pass through this part of the production process with ease and speed,” said Stuart. “It is a critical part of our daily manufacturing routine and we are pleased with the streamlined process it has delivered so far and the professional appearance of the products which are delivered to our customers.”

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