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Industry Campaign Promotes Benefits of Corrugated Across Europe

11 Sep 2017

In a world where our environmental impact is considered and scrutinised in a myriad of ways both personally and professionally, never before has corrugated been such a responsible packaging choice.

Whilst those that work in the industry have championed this for years, our industry body FEFCO (European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers) launched an eye-catching campaign earlier this year to promote this to a wider audience. It’s ‘Circular by Nature’ campaign highlights the environmental benefits of choosing corrugated as a packaging material.

Key facts of the campaign include:

*Bio-based and renewable
*Easy to recycle
*Prevents food waste
*Adding value after use
*Eco-design built in
*Finally, it is the real circular economy champion.

It’s 100% recyclable and FEFCO’s ‘Life Cycle Analysis’ highlights the undisputable fact that corrugated packaging has been the most responsible packaging material for 30 years.

Taking this one step further the Boxes and Packaging group also wants to highlight the flexibility and versatility that corrugated packaging solutions can provide.

Perhaps one of the most popular misconceptions is that corrugated has only limited strength and is not suited to heavyweight products. Clearly this is not true – corrugated has the potential to providing superb packaging solutions for the most heavyweight products. Indeed, one of our major clients ships colossal automotive components for heavy plant machinery across the globe – all in our boxes!

“We are proficient at creating packaging solutions that remove the need for our clients to utilise less friendly packaging products such as plastic, polystyrene and wood,” said Gavin Richardson CEO Boxes and Packaging Ltd. “FEFCO’s campaign clearly highlights the environmental benefits of corrugated and by working with their marketing campaign we can continue to promote corrugated as a viable packaging product across a variety of industries and sectors.”

Boxes and Packaging is proud to supply some of the most respected businesses in the UK and its innovative approach to design has meant that everything from wine to windows and baths to bumpers have been encased in its boxes.


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