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Manchester Shake up Box Design

02 Aug 2017

Gardening continues to be one of the top pastimes in the UK and the horticulture industry is big business.

But, as a busy nation too, we also like to see quick results which is why the ‘Seed and Shake’ product range is doing particularly well.

We were delighted to be able to design a new display pack for the various products which sees summer flowers easily planted by shaking a box of mixed seeds over prepared ground.

Our pack design was robust and eye catching and displayed the outstanding print capabilities of our Manchester team who adopted a two colour flexo print moving away from the four colour litho laminated displays they had used previously. This delivered cost saving efficiencies and created an eye catching, easily identifiable point of sale product.

Five different cases and trays were printed with just two stereos ensuring origination costs were highly efficient, yet still delivering unrivalled print quality and consistency.

Furthermore, a more sophisticated colour palette was adopted so, rather than using bright colours to promote products, the chosen graphics enabled G Plants to create an English garden potting shed theme for their 2017 product range.

Due to customer satisfaction, plans are already in place for forthcoming ranges. This demonstrates the capabilities of our Manchester team in designing and creating eye catching, high quality and practical point of sale items which help to really raise the profile of marketing and branding for their customers.

Design by: James Fryer – Boxes and Packaging (Manchester)

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