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Corrugated Creativity Provides Super Solution

07 Jul 2017

Creating packaging concepts is what we excel at and the talents of our designers and research teams have created a new packaging solution that is quite remarkable.

A transit pack which would eliminate the need for any polystyrene and ensure the premium energy drinks contained within would remain at the required optimum temperature during despatch posed a number of challenges that have all been overcome, just by using corrugated cardboard.

Having previously experienced damaged products, product arriving at incorrect temperatures rendering it unconsumable and ‘wet’ cardboard from melting freezer packs, we redesigned and reengineered the pack utilising foil lined corrugated board alongside standard kraft board and a freezer pack.

To maintain the temperature in our new chill pack we integrated foil lined board which held the moisture during the thaw, working like the inside of a nappy. Vigorous testing took place to ensure all areas of the brief were addressed prior to customer approval – all of which satisfied their needs and placed us as their preferred supplier.

Not only did the pack fulfil the brief in a practical sense it also integrated the brand identity giving credibility and resonance as to the quality of the products being delivered. This was especially important as a significant part of the customer base the client are elite sports persons who are brand orientated in their purchasing mechanics.

Since our appointment 100% of product has arrived at the correct temperature, intact and the integrity of the outer packaging has not been comprised. This has elevated the brand with premium customers and thus, sales have been boosted. Stock levels have been minimised due to our supply chain agreement and packing times reduced due to the innovative design.

This is a shining example of our innovation and product knowledge and proves that cardboard can provide credible packaging solutions in applications where others may have not thought it possible.

Design by: Paul Verstraeten – Boxes and Packaging (Bristol)

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