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Workflow Improvements Increase Capacity

20 Mar 2017

When production capacities need to increase, finding more space is not always the answer. And, with the need to increase capacity at our Merseyside site, a period of workflow improvements has resulted in significant improvements.

Adjusting the layout of the factory has allowed for the installation of a four colour Rotary Casemaker with state of the art Japanese Gordian strapper. A new 30m long conveyor with shuttle-car assists in the movement of finished goods from the production machine to other areas of the factory allowing production flow to be seamless and uninterrupted.

“Work flow studies deliver tangible benefits to businesses in both production and administrative procedures and the implementation of revised work flow at Merseyside has delivered a measurable and immediate difference,” said David Brooks Group Operations Director. “This has enabled us to triple the capacity for case and multipoint glued work too when our new gluer is installed at the beginning of April.”

Primary machines at the site were relocated and the entire team participated in the improvements to fully benefit from the changes that were being made.

Stefan Weig Managing Director Boxes and Packaging Merseyside added; “Change can be a little unsettling but we always ensure that the changes we make are for the benefit of the business and its employees as they carry out their roles. We look forward to continued increased capacities at the Merseyside site and upholding high levels of customer service which our customers enjoy.”

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