Xerox – Candy Cane

Case Study - Design Innovation

Xerox – Candy Cane


Our design brief was to provide a packaging solution to enable festive aisle displays to be packaged and despatched to Morrisons supermarket stores across the UK. We created an innovative design which featured a family of three different sized outer boxes, integral location fittings and a common header fitting capable of holding the five different headers within the range.


This design encompasses the flexibility of corrugated packaging holding complex shapes safely. It allowed for easy packing and kept tooling to a minimum.

The design highlighted the way in which corrugated packaging can be utilised to solve unique packaging solutions. The inner fitting sheet uses a number of integral supports to create location points to hold the complex candy canes in situ. These location supports also offer structural support to the box and lid making sure that multiple packs can be stacked on top of each other without risk to the aisle display products.

The products were layered and configured to add maximum protection and minimise additional packaging. The inner fitting incorporated integral location points, these were assembled to hold both the cane in position and aid stacking strength. The header fitting was used in all three packs and was designed to hold five different header sizes.


A total of 850 packs were produced across the family of three sizes. The packs were designed and manufactured within only 10 days from being given the brief. It has been very successful for our customer with zero damages or returns in a project, enhancing our customer-supplier partnership. Zero product damages were reported at the end of the project, which was quite a challenge as they were 1500x2000m.