UK Gin sector enjoys benefits of corrugated

Case Study - Design Innovation

UK Gin sector enjoys benefits of corrugated

As #WorldGinDay takes place tomorrow; we take a quick look at one UK distillery that has chosen corrugated, and Boxes and Packaging as their preferred route to market.


• To create a range of outer transit packaging to facilitate the movement of product through the supply chain
• To create a family of boxes that were on brand and were a variety of sizes
• To then create a new box and divider design to cope with increase in production and demand


When we first began our partnership with this gin distiller, production runs were quite small as the brand was increasing its range and market share.

Initially, a range of 0201 boxes were designed with three different print colours to suit the different products manufactured within the brand. This required the bottom and top of the box to be taped and an internal fitting assembled as and when required during the packing process. The boxes were manufactured from DW 150K/T with a one colour print to maintain the simplicity and effectiveness of the brand.

This box style is tried and tested and is popular across many sectors not just the drinks sector as it provides many opportunities to make it suit different products through size change and the use of internal fittings and dividers.

This cost-effective solution fulfilled all customer requirements however, as popularity of the brand evolved and demand increased significantly, a new approach to their packaging solution was required.

Moving to a new production facility that increased capacity, a revision of the boxes was undertaken. A new design was created which achieved the same outcome but now featured an 0207 box with a crash lock base and integrated, pre-assembled dividers.


The new solution will be implemented from a pre-agreed date. This one-piece solution will reduce packing times considerably and will allow the business to cope with the uplift in demand.

The consumer demand for gin remains high and as this continues any uplift in production can be supported by the easy to assemble packaging.

Due to circumstances beyond their control, production was temporarily halted for a short time and, as the business began to rebuild we worked with the customer to manage supply and manufacture and store increased quantities to support their fluctuating business operations during a challenging time.

This project shows how simple drinks industry packaging can evolve to something more complex and how, as a packaging provider we are adept at recognising manufacturer needs and providing tangible solutions.

Facts and Stats:

• Standard FEFCO boxes provided ideal solutions in this situation
• Significant packing efficiencies were realised with the new design
• Work is ongoing to launch a new range of gift packs