Online Retail Equine Blanket Pack

Case Study - Design Innovation

Online Retail Equine Blanket Pack


  • To create a corrugated pack for a brand-new product
  • To ensure the brand was easily identifiable
  • To manage costs effectively


Our client was launching a brand-new product into the equine veterinary sector and required a recyclable, eye catching, cost effective individual pack to take the product to market.

The brief was to clearly portray the brand, ensure it was easily identifiable and would protect the product which had a high retail value. It was important that our packaging solution took our clients initial brand ideas to the next level and we worked closely with the team who had created the conceptual artwork and our ink manufacturer to ensure colour consistency and vibrancy through the cost effective flexo print solution we devised.

The pack is octagonal in design, giving it a striking shelf appearance and differentiating it easily from its competitors. This eight-sided design was chosen as it provided the most superior protection for the rolled blanket product within.  It is created from one single piece of board which is cut and folded and easily assembled for the blanket to be packed.


Small quantities can be ordered due to its design and printing mechanism to support the new business element of the product. This has paid dividends as several smaller runs have been ordered, highlighting the success of the product which the customer has, in part, attributed to the brand visibility of the packaging. Furthermore, the customer has unlocked the benefits of corrugated and our ability to provide other packaging solutions for them in the future as they continue to grow and develop the product range and brand.

Facts and Stats:

  • The pack has established the brand identity within a specialised consumer market
  • Highlights the flexibility of corrugated packaging and associated print solutions
  • Simplistic design aids efficient product packing
  • UK Packaging Awards Nominee