Executive Furniture Transit Pack

Case Study - Supply Chain and Service

Executive Furniture Transit Pack


  • To create interchangeable corrugated range for executive furniture

  • To replicate the quality of the brand through packaging solution and brand visibility

  • To ensure a robust supply chain solution was achieved


The brief was to ensure the products were protected, that the pack was easy to fill on the production line and would withstand the rigours of dispatch and transit. It was important that our packaging solution reflected the quality of the brand to ensure the customer enjoyed a positive experience.

As each order to our customer is bespoke, the range of packaging components had to encompass this flexibility whilst keeping costs and stock to a minimum. A printed sleeve component comprised two identical print sleeves with black flexo print on white, creating a stark and striking graphic design. The overlapping nature of the sleeves create quad-wall protection on two faces providing ample protection and strength for the packs integrity in exactly the right, and critical, locations. Major challenges perceived by our client in terms of product weight and diversity were easily overcome by our team as we drew on our extensive knowledge of corrugated packaging and its capabilities, strength and performance within supply chain situations.


This was the first time that our client had committed to packing a product range entirely in corrugated and they were delighted with the simplicity, quality and bespoke nature of the solution we have provided which has added value to their brand.

This project highlights the versatility of corrugated in the supply chain and its ability to support branding,  be easily packed by the manufacturer and withstand dispatch and international transit, and individual shipping though a myriad of logistics providers.

Facts and Stats:

  • A visually attractive pack has elevated the brand identity

  • Proves that corrugated packaging can be robust enough to protect heavy and irregular shaped products

  • Highlights the skills and experience of our teams to exceed expectations with corrugated solutions