Display and Transit Sparkling Wine Pack

Case Study - Design Innovation

Display and Transit Sparkling Wine Pack


  • To reduce the need for moulded pulp inserts
  • To create an aesthetically pleasing, yet robust pack
  • To eradicate complicated assembly process


This project resulted in an innovative design where the bottles are displayed and transported horizontally, rather than in the traditional upright position.

We created three components, all of which are easily assembled, incorporating integral tabs and die cut fittings which support the bottles and hold them firmly in place for both display and transportation purposes.

We were keen to portray the vineyards iconic branding and this was achieved through a high quality two colour post print with varnish to replicate the logo and pertinent product information.

We also created and supplied a transparent tape with silver branded logo to reinforce brand image.


This re-design resulted in a pack, where fittings were integral negating the requirement for additional moulded pulp, thereby reducing costs and assembly time.

The box is produced in required quantities to allow efficient stock management and benefits from easily recognisable branding aiding promotion and product awareness.

The innovative ‘lay down’ design bucks the trend of the traditional case of wine design and is easily transferable to other vineyards and providers who can also benefit from this aesthetically pleasing, infinitely practical approach to bottle display and transit.

Facts and Stats:

  • Assembly time reduced
  • Brand awareness increased
  • Zero product damage has been experienced upon transference to this packaging solution