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25 Sep 2019

Working with a leading telecommunications hardware manufacturer, we were tasked with new product design that could withstand the rigours of supply chain, both in the UK and globally, and to ensure the pack became fully recyclable.

To that end, the customer wanted the size of the pack to be reduced to enable larger shipping volumes, to ensure the current polyethylene foam fitting did not feature in the new design and to make the pack fully recyclable and more sustainable. Perhaps, most importantly it had to withstand a 1m, 6 face drop test to pass for worldwide export.

We created a pack that was 15% smaller than previous, was fully recyclable, had easy to assemble fittings and that passed all the necessary drop tests. Furthermore, a cost saving was delivered to the customer when compared with the previous corrugated and foam pack.

Our solution showcases the strength and versatility of corrugated and that fully recyclable materials can hold and protect heavy and expensive products.

Savings in terms of material usage, cost and the increase in shipping quantities due to a reduction in pack size highlight the innovation behind this re-engineered pack.

The pack design offers protection by using design techniques that allow the fittings to suspend the product within the box. Each face is suspended by using folded die-cut fittings that create “crush & impact areas”. This recognises the demand of the end user and now delivers a more sustainable and aesthetically pleasing package.

The pack was a silver winner at the 2019 Starpack awards and brings supply chain benefits whilst ensuring the pack fitted with heightened awareness of sustainability issues.

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