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Five things to consider when choosing packaging solutions

30 Jul 2019

The emphasis on choosing sustainable packaging solutions continues to be of huge significance to purchasing teams across the country. Not only are teams sourcing solutions that are made from recyclable material, they are also taking a detailed look at how to make their packaging choices work harder for them.

The teams at our sites across the UK are adept at finding bespoke packaging solutions and working with our customers to ensure all requirements are met with innovation and knowledge.

We are, of course, on hand to guide you through everything you need but here are our five top things to consider when choosing packaging solutions.

• Stick to the rules – There is lots of legislation regarding packaging which depends on the content of the pack and how it is being transported. We stay updated to ensure that strict standards and legislative requirements are adhered to. Things like food and chemicals, and products that are going overseas, all have separate criteria and are just an everyday occurrence for us.
• Quality is key – The quality of the packaging and the design is key to its success. As with most things it’s a case of getting what you pay for. Cheaper solutions may seem more appealing initially but it has to be fit for purpose. Poorly designed packaging often results in product returns and can cost more in the long term. And, if product arrives damaged, it can also have a negative impact on the reputation of the brand.
• Big is not always better – The art of unboxing; the customer experience is something that is big business these days, particularly in the e-commerce sector. Consumers have high expectations and small articles packaged in huge boxes is not what they want to see. This is why we design to suit each product, find a solution for each problem and find a way to make it possible.
• Be brand aware – Packaging is the perfect opportunity to capitalise on brand awareness and marketing. Logos can be utilised in packaging print design, critical or important product information can be communicated, QR and bar codes can be displayed for supply chain and stock control and that all-important customer journey can be created for your brand.
• Prioritise sustainability – Clearly our raw material is sustainable but it’s about more than that. It’s about redesigning packaging to eradicate the use of non-sustainable materials and to create a solution that’s on brand and meets the demands and briefs of sales, marketing, finance and procurement teams.

Hopefully we’ve given you some points to consider but do remember this is a very brief overview. It’s important to get in touch with your nearest Boxes and Packaging site so that we can work together to ensure the best possible solution that meets all necessary criteria.

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