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Why design is pivotal to packaging success

24 Jul 2019

Innovative design is one of the key factors that allow our teams across the UK to manufacture bespoke packaging solutions, rather than just making boxes! Whilst there is a place for both bespoke and conventional, they are very different and we can help you identify what you need to ensure your product is protected, displayed or stored through UK and global supply chains.

If you want a standard FEFCO box, printed with your company logo and product information we can work with you to supply that on your terms, in your quantities. But that’s just one part of what we do at Boxes and Packaging.

In-house, experienced and award winning, designers are at each of our sites across the country and create some of the most eye-catching, innovative designs in the industry.

At our Design and Innovation Conference in the spring there was a veritable melting pot of ideas and experience creating packaging solutions that protect product across the UK, and global supply chains, with great success.

Encompassing a wide range of packaging types from transit packaging, to luxury gift packaging the versatility of our packaging capabilities was apparent. It showcased how we work with our customers to add value to their brand through effective packaging solutions.

This could be to facilitate a wide range of demands including protecting the products, creating a visually engaging pack, reinforcing brand awareness, supporting and easing storage or transport requirements or simply differentiating our customer’s products from its competitors through eye catching designs and visual branding.

From a commercial success angle choosing the right type of packaging can deliver significant impact too.

Not only is it about the practical side of things but would choosing a corrugated design support your own, and your customers desire, to elevate the sustainable side of the business?

Would choosing a corrugated design mean that your customer, and the end user, more easily recycle the packaging through non-specialist channels?

Would a new packaging design save money through innovation or, by creating a pack that was fit for purpose, eradicate product damage and returns?

Could a packaging supply chain solution with bespoke designs reduce stock levels, space required and support your production lines more effectively?

In conclusion, the design of your packaging can have a significant impact on a number of areas of your business; driving sales, brand awareness and delivering efficiency savings.

So, it’s not just about the box, it’s about the packaging that it offers too. This is why Boxes and Packaging Make it Possible, and make a difference through design for such a wide range of customers.

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